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At RadioKart , Amateur Radio is what we know!

It’s a world that offers you the power to communicate to the whole world in your hand. From the pleasure of pressing that Push-to-Talk(PTT) for rag-chewing to the satisfaction of woking Rare DX to the Satellites and even Astronauts! 

Our goal is simple: Fulfill your needs with the best products on the amateur radio space so that you can kick start your passion. 

At RadioKart we currently stock a range of Amateur Radio Parts and Accessories.Our focus is on Components and Accessories which will make practising this hobby an ease. 

In the future we also plan to introduce, Radio transceivers, Antenna Tuner and Amplifier, Repeater Accessories Post the DPL Licencing Process.

We would also introduce a Online Mock-up Test and supply Study Materials for taking up the Amateur Radio Exam (ASOC)

All that we can now say is browse our site, choose what you want, fill those logs nad and kick start your life into a passion!

- RadioKart Team